Technology and Philosophy


Absorbing wave energy without damage to the structure is the challenge. Every project we build is designed to operate within set wind and wave conditions. What sets SF Marina apart is that above and beyond these conditions, each project we build has survival mode built in. SF Marina is still there, after the storm. Our technology consists of three equally important parts:

  1. STRONG PONTOONS – State of the art reinforcement for load distribution.
  2. STRONG CONNECTORS – Unique range of in-house developed connectors for every application.
  3. ENGINEERED ANCHORING – Designed to match each pontoon in every given location.

SF Marina will, for every location design, produce and install your project using our comprehensive, well-tested product range and our vast experience to guarantee your project the longest possible lifetime, with minimum maintenance costs. This will give you the lowest possible Life Cycle Cost (LCC) for your project.

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