Sochi Grand Marina – Ready for The Winter Olympics 2014 !



From left to right: Mr. Mazhar Kafadar, SF Marina Black Sea Region, Mr. Konstantin Sakharov, Deputy General Manager of the Olympic Objects Realisation,
Mr. Lars Gunnar Odhe, SF Marina International AB, Mr. Oleg Gryzlov, SF Marina Russia

SF Marina System Rostov, in cooperation with SF Marina Black Sea Region and under license from SF Marina International has finished the construction of the biggest Marina in the South of Russia –Sochi Grand Marina.

The Marina will be an integral part of the Olympic surroundings in conjunction with The International Center of Passenger Sea Cruises, starting with the 22nd Winter Olympic Games in Sochi 2014. “Sochi Grand Marina” has been developed for 247 yachts, with lengths from 12 to 50 meters. Due to their advanced technology, the SF MARINA SYSTEM pontoons are quite buoyant, extremely durable and practical.

Mr.Oleg Gryzlov, the new chairman of the board of directors for GC “Rostov port”, which includes SF Marina Rostov, is fully satisfied with the results. The Marina is modern, comfortable and very beautiful together with the old building style of the Sochi port, which has the unique architecture of the Stalin era, both massive and solid, with fine sculptures, representing the 4 seasons and 4 cardinal points on top.

One of the unexpected results of the new Marina construction was the formation of a new fauna in the Marina basin. Mr. Konstantin Sakharov, Deputy General Manager of the Olympic Objects Realisation says: “We were very pleasantly surprised to find a new population of fish in the Marina basin. The calm water and shadows provide excellent conditions for fish breeding.”

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