Provincetown Marina

Aerial photo of the recently installed breakwater and docks in Provincetown Marina. The concrete breakwaters and docks are manufactured in Sweden by SF Marina and shipped overseas. The first shipment contained solid concrete SF Type 1240, SF Type 1250, and SF Type 500  floating breakwaters were utilized, providing 14-16’ wide walkways. The second shipment included the SF Type 1260 dock, SF Type 500 and SFType 600 (20’ wide 7.8’ tall) floating breakwaters. The protected marina basin allows berthing for super yachts up to 300′.

For information about the project, please contact Mason Sears

Tel: 207 347 4237  Fax: 207 347 4237

Mason Sears

The Provincetown Marina is also featured in the cover story in Marina World May/June 2017.


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