SF 1800

SF1800 - the pontoon to choose when the load is heavy... you can take full advantage of the unloaded freeboard.

SF1800 - Heavy, wide pontoons with a freeboard of about 1 meter while unloaded.

SF1800 - note the massive anchor brackets and the steel clad recesses for fittings.

SF1800 series is a pontoon with a structural height of 180 cm and an unloaded freeboard of about one meter. They are available in widths from 4 meters up to 8 meters and in lengths up to 30 meters.

SF1800 series is mainly used for very heavy piers, piers for commercial vessels but also as a foundation for the floating house.

Then SF1800 series is the whim of special specialized product, we are available to discuss your project in more detail.

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