SF 1500

SF1500 - here as heavy floating dock for commercial traffic.

SF1500 in the production hall - note the molded junction boxes for electricity and embedded sockets in which the massive bollards are bolted down.

SF1500 - the higher freeboard allows a double row of fender strip in either wood or rubber.

SF1500 - all SF Marina pontoons are test floated at the factory before delivery.

SF1500 - note the custom pipes for electricity and water, and the heavy-gauge steel clad recesses for fittings.

SF1500 - from our factory in Wallhamn it is easy to tow.

SF1500 - here on the road with the truck. Check out the trailer, this is heavy stuff. Lifetime estimated at 50 years.

SF1500 - note the number of partitions, mounted end fenders and the massive shackles for anchorage.

SF1500 Series is a series for the really demanding situations where you want to have a freeboard of around 75 cm. It is double reinforced in all the walls, and this extra thick coatings to at all times be perceived as stable. Common challenges for our 1500 series are for different types of floating berths around the world and be equipped as often as pålföranring for seaflexförankring / chain anchor. It is available in widths from 4 meters to 8 meters.

SF1500 series is a very stable product series that are customized to the smallest detail. It is a product that initalt may seem pricey, but spread over 50 years, we can guarantee that the low maintenance costs mean that SF1500 series is a very affordable option in terms of LCC (Life Cycle Cost).

Thinking about a project where a SF1500 product is eligible, do not hesitate and get in touch with us as we work together the best proposal for you.

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