SF 1200

SF1200 - here as the landing jetty for a number of fishing boats.

SF1200 - here as a pile anchored ferry landing.

SF1200 - here as a combined mooring pier and wave attenuators on a busy shipping lane.

SF1200 - here as year round dock for island living next to busy shipping lane.

SF1200 - here as an event jetty and pier for temporary mooring.

SF1200 - note how the fingers are adapted for the higher freeboard.

SF1200 - are perfect for applying wood decking.

SF1200 - see how the surface waves from a passing boat have splashed up on the deck despite the 60 cm high freeboard.

SF1200 - a safe and cost effective alternative.

SF1200 series is a product primarily developed for commercial ports where tough wear all year long is the wait. It has very strong armor and thick cover layer in its original version. In recent years, however, we have noticed an increased interest in SF1200 Series features, primarily the 60 cm high freeboard and the higher weight, even within the recreation area where both marinas and individuals expressed their wish for a slightly higher freeboard than the usual 50 cm we have on SF1000 series.

Due to the expanded interest in SF1200 series, we have developed a variant of the SF1200 which we removed double reinforcement in the walls and little else as we assessed the excess of these, slightly less vulnerable applications. Thus, we have arrived at a very cost effective pontoon with a freeboard of 60 cm. SF1200 series is a very comfortable product and although the 10 cm difference in freeboard compared with SF1000 series sounds a bit gives the much smaller splash up on the bridge when the wind blows.

It is important to consider that our range of Y-boom is designed to rest on pontoons with a flying height of 50 cm, which means we have to modify the slipways to be taken against a SF1200 series.

SF1200 series is available in widths from 3 meters to 8 meters.

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