SF 1000

SF1030 - floats straight despite fingers mounted on one side. We think about the details and solve problems.

SF1030 - Angle coupling and wood decking. Freeboard increased to 70 cm.

SF1030 - 20 meters long, protects the moored boats against strong surges.

SF1040 - strong breakwater for the archipelago.

SF31 och SF1030 form a complete marina on the West Coast.

SF1024 - the maintenance-free alternative for boat clubs.

SF1024 with fingers on both sides. Cost effective and neat.

SF1030 with fingers.

SF1030 - for large and small boats.

SF1024 - can't get any simpler...

SF1030 - Bestseller for marinas.

SF1030 - headed for 50 years of service ...

SF1040 - An excellent protection against troublesome swells and wind-generated seas.

SF1030 - many details complete the picture

SF1040 - optional wooden decking used to achieve a freeboard of 1 meter.

SF1030 - with every other finger walkable.

SF1030 - With walkable fingers. Secure and comfortable mooring.

SF1030 - Great for marinas ...

SF1024 - here with angle coupling.

SF1024 - With the fingers on one side and at an angle.

SF1040 - with wooden decking...

SF1040 - finished down to the finest details

SF1030 - With with "mooring lines" or sinking rope.

SF1030 - With wooden deck.

The SF1000 series is the best seller in our catalog, which is explained by the wide range of applications. Within the series, we find pontoons with widths from 2.4 meter concrete width up to 8 feet. Pontoons in SF1000 series floats with a freeboard of about 50cm depending on model and equipment. We produce it in lengths from 10 meters up to 25 meters. Together with you, we look at your situation and then design the pontoon that best meets your needs. The series is based on a number of well thought out technical solutions that we have developed and improved for over 30 years. We are very proud of our design for junction boxes where our concept of spreading loads out into the concrete in such a way that the sea cannot manage to destroy.

All pontoons in SF1000 Series are equipped with standard embedded stainless fittings, embedded conduits and pipes for electricity and water, super strong coupling wells, finger jointed fenders and solid rubber spacers between the concrete and wood fenders. All pontoons are solidly reinforced and we have proven solutions to solve most challenges presented in terms of odd angles, center links, specially requested wood decking or specific requirements for utility wells and cleats. It goes without saying that with such a high level of customization available, the pontoon is quite unique.

Depending on the situation and the desired function, it is important to choose the correct type of anchor wells and mooring-rings.

SF1024 – With fenders,  this 2.65 meter wide pontoon makes an excellent dock for individuals or yacht clubs with many available options to customize their dock.

SF1030 – Comfort dock for marinas as well as larger private facilities. Our best selling pontoon. The width allows convenient access on the pier even after the installation of utility poles.

SF1040 – A four-meter-wide highly effective wave dampening pontoon. Often used in more vulnerable locations as an alternative to the SF300 breakwater. Also used as the main pontoon to which several narrower pontoons are connected.

SF1050-1080 – 5-8 meters wide pontoons with superior wave attenuating properties. Contact us for more information.


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