Our versatile, lightweight pontoon, Prodock.

Prodock offers a lightweight, long-life, corrosion-free alternative to heavy-duty concrete pontoons

Perfect for small harbors in calm water

Extra modules can be easily added as the need arises...

Strong, stable and buoyant!

Reinforced with our patented Basalt fiber for light weight and incredible corrosion resistance...

Strong and lightweight modular pontoons... adaptable to diverse configurations...

Easily transported by truck to remote locations

Walkable fingers allow for safe and easy boarding

Perfect for calm locations...

Prodock is a unique floating concrete pontoon reinforced with basalt fiber. Basalt fiber reinforcement makes the pontoon extremely lightweight as well as highly corrosion resistant. This corrosion resistance nearly doubles the product service life when compared to steel-reinforced concrete docks in salt water environments. Prodock is designed for use in sheltered ports subjected to a maximum wave height of 0,3 m.
The Prodock pontoon is available in the following standard dimensions: Width: 2,4 m Length: 10 m Height: 9,97 m

Product Specifications:

Concrete: C40/50, Air 6 %. Vct 0.40
Width: Including fender 2.4 m.
Reinforcement: Rebar made of basalt and basalt fiber
Weight: xx tons.
Wood fender: Pressure impregnated pine, 95 x 145 mm, NTR, Class A
Freeboard: 0.5 m.
Buoyancy: 120 kg/m2

Connectors: adjustable struts
Dimensions: 2.3 x 2.9 x 0.8 m
Breaking load: 1 x 29 tons per joint.
EPS flotation material: EPS 60

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