Brewer Plymouth Marina during a nor’easter storm


Brewer in Plymouth, Massachusetts, during a storm in March, 2014. Note the massive 30″ piles in the photos.


Brewer Plymouth Marina in Plymouth Massachusetts regularly experiences prolonged storm events known in the region as “nor’easters”. The low-pressure weather systems linger, and can be very damaging to marina systems.

In the spring of 2013, Brewer Plymouth Marina replaced their damaged old concrete modular dock with a SF Marina Type SF400 Floating Breakwater with SF Concrete Fingers. Working with Tim Moll, the marina manager, a robust 30” pile design was chosen to secure the floating breakwater. After many winter storm events and a major multi-day nor’easter in March of 2014 that clocked wind speeds above 60mph, Tim Moll reported that the floating breakwater successfully knocked down the 4-5 ft. waves, which resulted in little movement in the system. He also commented on the robustness of the SF400 saying “This is the first year in decades that we will not have substantial repair costs for the marina system due to storm damage.” In past years the repair crew would spend months and lots of money on maintenance on the old system. Upon inspection, The SF400 required no maintenance after the repeated storm events.





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