Pontoon loading


Heavy duty pontoons loading at our factory in Wallhamn for trans Atlantic shipment. The cargo contains SF400, SF500, SF600, SF1540, SF1260’s and concrete fingers etc.
For information about the project, contact Mason Sears, SF Marina USA.

New Provincetown Marina Installs SF Floating Breakwaters and Concrete Floating Docks



With only a few months to design, manufacture and deliver the Marina system, SF Marina Systems  delivered the first shipment of  Concrete docks and breakwaters late April to Provincetown Ma.

The new marina will offer 60 slips and accommodate mega yachts with a full range of amenities for summer 2016.  The solid concrete SF Type 1240, 1250, and Type 500 floating breakwaters were utilized, providing 14-16’ wide walkways, with a 25” freeboard.  Designed to accommodate larger yachts  the docks have superior features such as; Aluminum cleats Stainless steel bollards, Internal routed utilities, energy absorbing pile guides,  and EPI decked finger piers. These enhancements provide a seamless high-end experience, while providing a long-term design solution that will provide many decades of low maintenance for the marina system in a location that often sees harsh winter storms.

A second Shipment is scheduled to arrive late summer 2016, and will include the Type 1260 dock, Type 500 and Type 600 (20’ wide 7.8’ tall) floating breakwaters.    The additional floating breakwaters once installed will create a new protected Marina basin, and berthing for Super yachts up to 300’


SF Marina Systems USA is based in Gloucester VA, and engineers and builds concrete floating structures, marina systems, and floating breakwaters.  Providing storm proven protection, the company designs it’s low-maintenance, long -lasting products to fit each customers locations and specific needs.


Contact SF Marina Systems USA PO Box 650 Gloucester VA 23061

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Mason Sears Mason@sfmarinausa.com

Service boat pontoons



SF Marina Service boat pontoons of typ SF 1550-20. Delivered to Mayotte by SF Marina Spanish representative (Marina System Iberica) 2015.

Cape May NJ USCG Fuel Dock

Fuel dock in Cape May

Fuel dock in Cape May

The US Coast Guard requires a dock that can be in operation 24 hours a day 365 Days a year with no down time for decades. SF Marina Systems single cast solid Concrete docks perform that function. The Cape May NJ USCG was provided with two SF 1240-55 feet single cast concrete docks fitted with end piles and internal pile-guide. The industrial dock can be fitted with bollards up to 20 ton, and all electrical, water, fuel, pump out features.
The fuel dock is one of SF Marinas many examples of a customized dock, tailormade for a specific project and customer. Please contact Mr. Mason Sears, SF Marina Systems, USA for questions about this project.

Newport Yacht Club RI, USA

The new floating breakwater in the Newport Yacht Club

The new floating breakwater in the Newport Yacht Club

The Newport Yacht Club replaced their deteriorating fixed pier and wave fence with 235 feet of type SF 300 floating breakwater (approximately 72 meters). The new floating breakwater has improved the wave attenuation in comparison with the wave fence, and provided a consistent freeboard for boarding vessels up to 100 feet. The floating breakwater also has improved the view of the harbor for the slip holders behind. The Yacht Club’s volunteer committee assisted with installation and built on site wooden fingers that mated to the SF Marina Systems floating breakwater. For information about the project, please contact Mr. Mason Sears, SF Marina Systems USA.

New Tug Boat dock in Brofjorden, Sweden

Final inspection of the SF Marina Tug Boat pontoon for Svitzer

Final inspection of the SF Marina Tug Boat pontoon for Svitzer

September 11, 2015. Final inspection of the SF Marina Tug Boat HD Concrete quay
The new tug boat dock is installed in Brofjorden, Sweden. The quay is 46 meters long, 10 meters wide and has a freeboard of 1.5 m. The pontoons can manage truck traffic up to 26 tons and has integrated sewage tanks. The heavy concrete pontoons have been manufactured in our factory in Wallhamn, Sweden, and towed to site. This is an example of a customized product developed by SF Marina together with the client Svitzer. For more information about the project, please contact Stig Jansson at SF Pontona, Sweden.

Americas Cup base in Bermuda

T400 @ Cstg Yard 3

SF Marina Systems USA have provided the docks for the Americas Cup base in Bermuda. The first dock system was installed in the Dockyards area and provides for the Oracle team’s support boats and the racing catamarans. The dockyards location has constant commercial activity going on as it acts as one of Bermuda’s Commercial ports. As a result portions of the dock system need to be removed to allow the berthing of large ships. To accomodate this the dock system has been designed with large single cast 82′ fingers which are moored with Sea flex elastic Mooring Systems. In addition detachable pile guides allow the assembled section to move in one piece. For information about the project, contact Mr. Mason Sears at SF Marina Systems USA.

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