Next step in floating breakwaters

SF Marina introduced the concept of floating breakwaters almost 40 years ago. Ever since the beginning, new and more exposed locations have called for novel solutions, turbulence chambers, stronger connectors and creative anchoring techniques to mention a few. SF Marina is now taking the next step, going for 3-6 second wave periods. Taking the industry to a new level. Tank-tests and computer modeling combined with our vast experience have formed our new 6, 8 and 10 meter wide breakwater series.



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Innovation thrives within SF Marina and always has done so. What would happen if we could replace steel reinforcement with something non-corrosive? It would allow for thinner protective concrete layers! A long process was started, and after a couple of years of research and development, a patent was applied for covering a new production method using Basalt as reinforcement. SF Marina today proudly offers two different product lines based on this new technology, SF Marina Prodock and SF Marina X-line. In both of these product lines, the advantages of  non-corrosive Basalt reinforcement are exploited to the limit, resulting in low weight, high freeboard and exceptional lifetime expectancy.



Prodock is a novel product filling the gap between cost efficient wood/concrete AOS pontoons and concrete pontoons. Prodock is built with concrete decks, manufactured with a patented production method, connected with an ingenious and simple connector, and mounted on corrosion free concrete floats. Transport efficiency, installation simplicity, concrete aesthetics, and unsurpassed lifetime allow Prodock to deliver exceptional Life Cycle Cost (LCC).



The SF Marina X-line is the beginning in a new era of marina concrete pontoons. The X-line looks exactly like a normal concrete pontoon reinforced with steel, but beneath the concrete surface you find ground breaking, new, patented technology.  Steel reinforcement is replaced with non-corrosive, yet stronger bars of melted lava rock. Imagine the opportunities in building low weight, easy to transport and “everlasting” marina pontoons. This is our X-line, manufactured using the same, patented, technique used for manufacturing Prodock.

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