SF Marina is a global Swedish company with a history of manufacturing concrete floating pontoons dating back to 1918. From the very beginning, when floating concrete pontoons were unheard of, up until today, SF Marina has led the development of floating concrete structures. SF Marina has relentlessly pursued new challenges as well as new markets, both technological and geographical.


As a result of SF Marina’s global expansion, our products can be found in all the oceans in the world, and on every continent. Our products survive all kinds of challenges such as typhoons, all kinds of storms, hurricanes, ice pressures, tides, as well as sun and salt exposure throughout the year.


SF Marina’s products fit a wide range of different needs. They are the floating pontoons in your well-sheltered marina, they are the ferry landing you commute from, they are the commercial jetty where your fish is landed and they are the floating breakwater protecting your harbor. We have completed hundreds of floating docks and breakwaters worldwide. All components we deliver have been tested, tested again and finally tested yet again.


Over the last century, our products have figured in almost all floating applications one can think of, always with safety, function and durability being the paramount design criteria for the development process. Approach us with any idea, large or small, and we will share with you our vast experience. At SF Marina, development is as fundamental as it is ever ongoing. This how we expand the boundaries of our world. Welcome to our world.

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