Floating Concrete Breakwaters


SF Marina floating breakwaters have been tested live and in full scale by a hundred years of storms, hurricanes and typhoons. Since the first floating breakwater was installed almost 40 years ago, SF Marina has installed floating breakwaters in a wide variety of sites often exposed to adverse conditions, in all climate zones and extreme locations. Our floating breakwater range has been severely tested, and from these occasions we study, learn and improve our technology.

All concrete pontoons will attenuate waves, but it is very important to distinguish between a floating breakwater and a concrete pontoon. Floating breakwaters and concrete pontoons differ significantly in all the three vital criteria: strength of reinforcement, strength of connectors and anchoring. This is important, since survival mode design is of paramount importance when building floating breakwaters. It is no coincidence that SF Marina’s rugged floating breakwaters enjoy worldwide recognition.



Having delivered 3-5 meter wide floating breakwaters for many years, SF Marina has taken the next step, taking the industry to the next level, by introducing 6, 8 and 10 meter wide floating breakwaters! This means operating in wave periods ranging from 3-6 seconds, allowing for projects to be built in locations that have yet not been possible to develop. The new models have been designed using computer modeling and tank-testing forged with SF Marina’s vast experience in building floating breakwaters.


A floating breakwater and a fixed breakwater function in different ways and cannot be compared. There are three major advantages with a floating breakwater compared to a fixed:

  • Cost
  • Deep water developments become technical possible
  • Environmental reasons such as water flow, no bottom footprint and positive effects on natural biotopes.

All floating breakwater projects are of necessity custom designed in terms of geometry, angles, mooring-system and connector configuration.

ModelLengthsWidthFreeboard (approx)
SF BW30010, 12, 15, 20 m3 m0,5 m
SF BW40010, 12, 15, 20 m4 m0,5 m
SF BW50010, 12, 15, 20 m5 m0,5 m
SF BW6006 m
SF BW8008 m
SF BW100010 m
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