The Fairmont Princess Hotel Marina in Bermuda is under construction !

Aerial HP Marina
The Fairmont Princess Hotel is currently undergoing a major renovation; phase one is complete, which included the development of a 80 plus berth Marina.  The Marina design included a fixed pile supported breakwater, which surrounds the Concrete floating docks provided by SF Marina System International. The solid cast Type SF1230 All Concrete Docks were used  with solid cast concrete fingers. The 10 ft wide docks have a high freeboard of over 24”, as  desired by the customer, creating a very solid, stable marina system.  In addition to power and water utility systems at each slip, accommodations were made for a future fueling station.  Many large 82’ single cast dock sections were designed to reduce the piling requirements for anchoring, resulting in fewer joints throughout the system.  The SF Marina Angle Joint System allowed the concrete dock to follow the multiple corners of the fixed breakwater design without open joints or “bridges”, thus providing a smooth transition throughout the system.





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