Basic Pontoon

Visually our Basic pontoons are similar to our 1000 series pontoons. The difference is what we have cast into them, how we anchor them and how we connect them together. The Basic range is just what the name suggests, very basic pontoons. The outer layers are not quite as thick, embedded products are not of the same quality and reinforcement is not as strong and thorough as the 1000 series. We have in short removed most of the advanced developments that were incorporated into our 1000 series in order to be able to provide a very affordable pontoon adapted for calm water situations.

For optimal production efficiency, Basic pontoons are only produced in two widths, 2.4 and 3 meters wide and in two lengths, 10 and 12 meters. They can only be connected in straight lengths. The anchors are connected exclusively through wells and coupled together with economy couplings which are substantially cheaper than the ones used in the 1000 series.

Basic pontoons are a budget alternative for those really protected sites which only need concrete’s longevity but do not really need the maximum concrete pontoon strength.

SF Basic Pontoon Product Sheet

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