Pontoons, Assemble on Site (AOS)

In very sheltered locations, on site assembled pontoons are an option due to environmental and cost benefits. Assembling pontoons on site allows for cost savings due to more flexible transports and less weight needing to be transported. These pontoons are available in standard widths of 2, 2,4 and 3 meters, in any desired length.


Floats and decks are shipped unassembled and are assembled on site. The floating elements are manufactured using high grade EPS foam and fiber-reinforced concrete cast in fiber reinforced concrete. The non-metallic fibers ensure the longest possible lifetime, since in very salty waters the risk of reinforcement corrosion in the concrete floats is eliminated.

On our standard floats, various decks can be mounted:

  1. In our Type 31 and 32, decks built with pressure treated “wood on wood” frames are bolted onto the concrete floats.
  2. In our Eurodock the concrete floats are attached using galvanized steel frames decked with either pressure treated wood, hardwood or plastic composites.
  3. In Prodock, our newest development, ultra-thin concrete  decks are used for connecting the floats.

An advantage of the AOS marina pontoons, besides transport economy, is very good water circulation in the marina, ensuring perfect water quality throughout a marina.

ModelLengthWidthFreeboard (approx)
SF31Optional2,0, 2,4, 3,0 m0,5 m
SF32Optional2,0, 2,4, 3,0 m0,5 m
EurodockOptional2,4, 3,0 m0,5 m
Prodock10 m long2,4 m0,5 m

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