Anchoring of floating pontoons and breakwaters is the technique of ensuring that an anchored breakwater or concrete pontoon remains in the desired place independent of what forces are acting upon it. This is achieved by ensuring that forces acting upon the pontoon are distributed in such a way that the pontoon remains undamaged even in the vilest of conditions.


Seabed securement, chain, rope, Seaflex and the fastening points in the pontoon need all be designed for force distribution.


Anchoring may also be carried out by driving piles into the seabed. The floating breakwaters or pontoons are in these cases secured in place by either external or internal pile guides.


Anchoring may also be carried out by using screw anchors which are screwed into the seabed resulting in exceptionally strong fastening points to where chain, rope or Seaflex cables can be attached.


In all cases, anchoring must be designed for the forces foreseen. Designing a proper anchoring solution for each location is of upmost importance. SF Marina uses commercially available calculation methods as reference, but will without exception adapt hard earned experience from thousands of finalized projects before committing to an anchoring design.

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