About SF Marina System

SF Marina System AB offers a full range of marine related services throughout the whole world. The company has the in house knowledge and experience to design, permit, manufacture, install, and operate marinas. SF Marina System AB is a fully integrated corporation that understands the needs of the marina industry and can deliver the best marine products in the world to satisfy those needs. The products are the Swedish floating concrete pontoon marina system, designed by SF Marina System AB, which originatedĀ  back in the 1920’s. Our brochure incorporates a list of our standard products. SF Marina System AB is based in Gothenburg, Sweden with affiliates in more than twenty countries, making up a world-wide network of representatives selling the products, some of them also manufacturing under license. Today, SF Marina System AB and its affiliates have completed over 500 installations since 1983. The company is familiar with and has completed installations in climatic conditions ranging from North of the Arctic Circle to the Tropics. The company’s premier products are the full concrete floating pontoons in various sizes, which we can then match with different types of finger piers for many applications. In the vast majority of cases (over 90%) our pontoons are installed on mooring systems of chains and anchors which are designed specifically for the site conditions. Our chain mooring systems are being successfully used in daily tidal ranges of twenty feet with higher annuals and storm conditions. SF Marina manufactures or builds the following standard items from our line of modular systems: concrete floating breakwaters, pleasure boat marinas, pontoons designed for handicap access to the water and boats, specific pontoons for sailing clubs and rowing crews, floating fuel pontoons for marinas, fish farming systems, floating bridges, support structures for floating buildings, commuter boat docks and floating ferry landings. In general, the pontoons will be manufactured at our factory in Wallhamn, Sweden. Our Wallhamn factory is located in an international seaport which allows the pontoons to be loaded directly onto a transatlantic delivery ship. Alternatively, manufacturing can be done at any of our world-wide licensed factories.

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